Scottie adoption – are you ready?

Dog ownership is a decision that brings many rewards with it. These can include a healthier lifestyle, improved social life and a sense of community, as well as companionship.

To ensure that you can enjoy these benefits it is essential that you ask yourself the following questions before getting a puppy or dog:

  • Can I afford to have a dog? Ongoing expenses such as food, veterinary fees and canine insurance can cost roughly £25 a week.
  • Can I make a lifelong commitment to a dog? A dog’s average life span is 12 years.
  • Is my home big enough to house a dog?
  • Do I really want to exercise a dog every day?
  • Will there be someone at home for a dog? Dogs get lonely just like humans.
  • Will I find time to train, groom and generally care for a dog?
  • Will I be able to answer YES to these questions every day of the year?

Currently there are many more humans wanting to rehome a Scottie than there are dogs coming into us. So please bear with us during the process and trust that our welfare officers are doing the very best they can to match the right Scottie with the human that is best for them.

The adoption process:

  • Please make sure your STECS membership is up to date.
  • If you can commit the time and resources to rehome a dog, please complete and submit the online adoption form.
  • All the application forms come into us electronically (you can send a hard copy form though if you prefer) and are added to the waiting list.
  • Your application will also be forwarded to the appropriate regional co-ordinator who, if it’s your first time adopting, will arrange to meet with you in your home to ensure that you can accommodate a Scottie.
  • The regional co-ordinator is notified whenever there is a dog needing re-homing in his/her region, and they will review all the applications in their patch to identify the best match. It’s a two-way process, so do email or call your rehoming officer every six weeks or so to let them know you are still interested and willing to adopt.
  • If you can offer to foster a dog in the interim, this will demonstrate your abilities to handle the breed and that will help move you along to a full adoption opportunity.

This all takes time, and dogs for rehoming are few and far between, so please be patient with us.