8 October 2013

Caption Competition – Wanda Shapland

The winners are

I hope you’re not taping this… – Logan

Wrapped and ready for Christmas! – Yvonne


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1. When you stop laughing perhaps you will help me – Ann

2. I’m stuck on you – Jan

3. It’s NOT funny!!! – Ann

4. Just poked my nose in. – Barbara

5. Suppose I’ll have to go on Dragons Den to show of this new fangled muzzzle – Cynthia

6. You won’t know when and you don’t know how but revenge for your laughter WILL be mine! – Margaret

7. I hope you’re not taping this…. – Logan

8. It wasn’t me! – Nicola

9. “ Stealth Dog “ – Jerry

10. ‘My tape dispenser disguise worked! She hasn’t seen me sneak on the sofa!’ – Lee.

11. Is that you clarice? I’ve been expecting you!! – A Dinning

12. “They always said I get stuck into things” – Mike

13. I don’t mind helping to wrap presents but is the “pay” biscuits!- Jean & Kyle

14. Seriously does my bum look big in this? – Glenda

15. This is what I get for letting the kid next door play hoop la with me. – John

16. I thought it was the dog bowl – should have gone to Spec Savers. – Whiskey & Mac

17. Wrapped and ready for Christmas! – Yvonne

18. “Who, me? I was just doing my Christmas wrapping!” – Max & Robin.

19. “Scotch Tape !”……… Now its your turn at Charades. – Kev the postie.

20. You have got me taped – Kevin

21. Don’t even think of asking me to smile for the camera. – Mac and Whiskey

22. I’m on a roll! – Francis

23. Sitting at my piano the other day – Duranti. – Amanda

24. This is the canny alternative to a wee nip n tuck – Amanda

25. “I’ve got the Colgate ring of confidence” – Bonnie

26. “Doing the ‘Tower of Hanoi’ is more difficult when you’re a dog” – Nessie

27. what do you mean I cant say bottle of beer! ”’Gottle of Geer” – C.O.

28. Can I stick it back together before they see what I’ve done? – Ray

29. They call me Dyson – Alan