2 March 2017

Crafts 2017

It’s that time of the again and the countdown to Crufts 2017 has started. We have at least three of our Scotties representing STECS this year. Oliver, Robbie and Marge will be taking up residence for the day (Thursday 9th March) at the Eukanuba rescue stand in Hall 3.

They will be accompanied by Cath Marchbank (STECS welfare officer) Paul Simms (who can offer advice on behavioural issues) and Gill Simms (happy to help in anyway I can). If you are coming to Crufts on Terrier day why not pop to Hall 3 and meet the team.

Joy and Ian Gowler will also be attending with the STECS merchandise stand in Hall 1 ringside  the Scottish Terrier judging ring.