The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme Dog Return Forms

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Important messages and useful information

There is an online form for generating reports for dogs with behaviour problems. Please always generate a report for any dog that has an aggression rating other than zero.

There are four online forms. All forms have an email box for you to enter your address if you do not normally recieve a copy of the form you are submitting and you want one sent to you.

The ‘Notes field on all forms is obligatory, so that you get a reminder to fill it in, but if you really have no notes to add, just type ‘None’. The only exception, is if you have given the dog an aggression rating; in which case you must add information to back up the rating. If you use the ‘Update’ form to modify the aggression rating for a dog, please explain fully why you have changed the aggression rating. The aggression rating system is simple and unambiguous; a dog’s aggression rating should not be downgraded, unless there are extenuating circumstances, and must be done in consultation with the Welfare Committee.

Occasionally the information received can be a little confusing. For instance, a common cause of confusion, is if a re-homing fails and the dog comes back in to STECS and is re-homed a second time. In these situations, do two sets of returns, i.e. dog received/dog re-homed, dog received (back)/dog re-homed. On the second set, the dog should be recorded as coming from the first (failed) re-homing. This should make it crystal clear. Please do not think that a failed re-homing reflects on you in any way, none of us can be right all of the time, and it is more important that these situations are spotted and dealt with as diplomatically as possible.

Health Issues
Please make a note of any health issues on the form(s) when making a return. It has been necessary to refer back to returns for information on health, which sadly in many cases was not there. It makes the welfare job a lot easier if this information is readily available.

Minimum Donation Amounts
Less than 1 year – £400
1.1 to 2 years – £300
2.1 to 5 years – £250
5.1 – 8 years – £200
8.1 – 10 years – £150
10+ years – £Nil

Behavioural Policy
The behavioural policy can be viewed here. The ‘Dog Return’ has space for behavioural information to be entered. Please supply this information, even if the dog shows no aggressive behaviour.