6 May 2014

Hello from North Carolina

Hello to you Isla and everyone involved with the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care,

What a delight discovering your website. Simply wonderful and so inspiring.

I’m far away in North Carolina, USA. You wonder why I’d be looking at a Scottie rescue in the UK…..curious about what’s going on in your corner of the world.

I was raised with Scotties…..in fact, my first word was the name of our main Scottie, as rescued pooch my parents found abandoned near the Navy base where we lived in Pensacola, Florida. Toby was a gem of a dog.

I’ve shared my life with three rescued Cairn terriers in my adulthood and thinking about adopting a Scottie in the future. Wonderful breed.

I get to spend time with some Scotties these days – I’m a pet sitter and love having them stay at my house. What joy.

I’m a magazine writer and will be in Scotland, Wales and England next spring gathering material for many subjects – heavy horses, small farms, horse boating, Scottish and English canals, pet assisted therapy (dogs, donkeys, horses and more), gardening and specialty foods.

This will be a special journey in many ways – turning 70 next year and venturing to the Isle of Skye where my ancestors once lived….maiden name: McLeod. It will also be the 10th year since my husband’s passing; he would be so delighted to know I’ll be on this adventure.

Hope to see some Scotties along the way.

All the best to you and your rescue organization. Wonderful!!!!

Cappy (short for Capella) Tosetti
Asheville, North Carolina