25 April 2024

Nessie and Star – twins on the run

Like a modern-day Thelma and Louise, two young Scottie sisters, Star and Nessie (then known as Tina) were out of control and terrorising their neighbourhood. They had been bought as puppies by an elderly couple who just couldn’t cope with them. They couldn’t groom or walk them properly and the dogs became more unruly as they grew. They were both adept escape artists, able to slither through doorways like lightening. A well-honed team, they ran round the neighbourhood like a pair of Scottie terrierists – studiously avoidingcapture and on the run for up to six hours at a time.

Tina eventually ended up in a stray dog pound. By the time the elderly owners got her back, about a week later, they had finally made the tough but necessary decision to get in touch with STECS to find them a good home.

Star and Tina came into me at STECS to be assessed in February 2022 aged 16 months. They were both very boisterous and fought when they were together – each vying for top dog. It quickly became obvious that it would be better for them to live apart. They had developed too many mutual bad habits, so each would be easier to train as an only dog. So, I needed to assess potential adoptees with this in mind.

I knew that Lynne and Ray Simpson had the necessary experience. This would be their third Scottie and second rescue Scot. They adopted Tina in 2022 and renamed her Nessie.

Lynne recounts: “From day one Nessie was very affectionate but nervous. She would run away from the lead and had no recall whatsoever. I bought a long training lead and trained her on recall in a large open field. Each time she came I gave her a treat and touched her collar. After lots of practice it worked. We have an amazing bond now and this has deepened by grooming her. Nessie loves adventures – she swam for the first time recently. We take her fishing – she loves it when we catch fish so she can see them. She is extremely friendly and loves giving kisses. She is a delightful little girl who has made her home here with us and we love her dearly.”

Ray and David adopted Star and commented: “Star is very happy and healthy with us. We take her for regular walks, and she had a lovely holiday in Anglesey earlier in the year. Star is truly a wonderful dog, and we love her unconditionally. Thank you STECS.”

I love happy endings.

By Cath Marchbank, STECS Welfare Officer