3 April 2023

Pride of our Sally

Our STECS co-ordinator for Devon and Cornwall alerted me to an advertisement on Gumtree UK selling a young, female Scottie cross Cairn in the Northeast of Eire.

3 February 2023

The Cunningham Clan

Sheila and Steve Cunningham have devoted most of their lives to nurturing rescue Scotties.

16 January 2023

The Kennerley Railway Clan

In October 2009 a small, very pretty Scottie named Tia came into our lives. Tia had been rescued along with five other Scotties from a farm in South Wales.

16 October 2022

Barley Johnstone

Barley is ten years old, we collected her from Cath four years ago.

16 January 2022


We first met a bedraggled Tess on a wet and windy day in March at the Many Tears dog rescue centre.

20 December 2019


I have a scottie dog. Her names lizzy. I’ve had her from a puppy. She’s now 9 year old. She’s my best friend and partner in crime.       […]

14 August 2019


It’s with a very heavy heart that I write to tell you that our beautiful scottie girl Flora has died suddenly aged 10.

17 April 2019


I’m Jura the Scottie who now lives in Fife.

14 January 2019

Teo & Family

I’d like to tell you a happy end story. We have had dogs for 45 years, in 2007 we got our first scottie, a wonderful and beloved girl.

21 October 2017


On bonfire night, 2016, I adopted my folks – their daughter had recently married and moved to Dundee so they needed rescuing.

7 September 2017

Sarah, Mac and Jack

We have had STECS dogs since 1993, Sarah came to us 10 years ago, she’s a grand old lady, and still has a good quality of life.

15 July 2016

Basil Bunce 2007-2016

Our special boy basil has died I sit here shell shocked and heartbroken. He came to us one Saturday morning 7 years ago, as we walked towards her I look up to my husband and said “ that cannot be him surely?” Wow what a handsome and terrified fella he looked!

29 June 2016


Archie from Llandaff posing with St. Francis!

18 May 2016


He is a real joy to have around and is a real lap dog. He thinks that all people if they have a bag must have a treat for him in it…

22 January 2016


We adopted Dudley 2008 had quite a few teething problems STECS were always there to help and gave good advice.

2 November 2015

Jock and Molly

Jock and Molly 8weeks on.

25 September 2015

Mac Roles

We adopted our Mac from Southport STECS in 2008 at 14 month old, we noticed him as we drove in and already had our hearts set on him without knowing he was the one we had in fact we came to see.

24 September 2015


Titch from Glasgow.