Archie & Radley

Archie & Radley came to us in August 2014 after a Summer with Cath Marchbank.  They joined our 11 year old Scottie, Feargus, who accepted them immediately.  The long journey from South Wales had been worth it, although on returning home with the new additions our daughter greeted us with, ‘Are you mad?’  Both newcomers proceeded to bless the house in ways that only dogs know how.  Several weeks and lots of kitchen towel,anti bac spray and patience later, house training began to normalise.  We had always had dogs from puppies in the past, so trying to get two four year olds settled was a real challenge. They were obviously traumatised and we will probably never know what abuse they suffered during those early years.

They are, despite their bad start, very loving. Cath had obviously done a great deal in terms of their medical needs and socialisation, getting them on the road to recovery.  Our vet advised us to build up their weight and muscle tone slowly, and six months along they got to the right levels.  They both enjoy their walks, although it doesn’t take too much to spook them – loud children’s voices or footballs being a pet hate of Radley.

Sadly, our Feargus passed away in March. He was twelve years old, diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease in January and initially responded well to the medication but unfortunately lost the battle.  We have all been grieving for our ‘charismatic dog’ (to quote the vet) but Archie and Radley have helped to fill the void as their individual ‘personalities’ have emerged  I’m not sure what we would have done without them.  So, we are grateful to STECS for the work they do.

Diolch yn fawr.