Bonnie Clyde and Mac

We had two Scotties, Bonnie and Clyde, they were 4 months old when we got them and they were a joy to have. Sadly Clyde died when he was only 4 years old.

It took a long time get over it, Bonnie was so sad that she could not find her brother anywhere, she became very withdrawn and wouldn’t play, she just wanted lots of cuddles.

Bonnie is now 7 years old and we decided to get her a mate, we contacted STECS to see if they could help. We were lucky and drove to Bristol to collect ‘Mac’, he’s 6 years old and a beauty. Bonnie took to him straight away, her whole attitude changed, she would never get on the settee since Clyde died but Mac got up and she followed him. It is lovely to see them together. Our only wish was that we could have done with some more history about Mac. He will not go upstairs, which was no hardship, he does not like people in uniform as our grandson found out, he’s in the air cadets and when he visited Mac lost the plot and flew at him. Mac had to be restrained until Jack took off his combat jacket and hat and with the help of a biscuit of six he settled down again.

We have now had him for about 6 weeks and he is a joy. we recommend that anyone who loves Scotties please rescue one, they are the most adorable dogs. They are few and far between in this area so ours are quite novel to other dog walkers who often remark they only see white ones and that it’s unusual to see black ones, then it’s education time.. Once again thank you for filling such a void in our lives with lovely Mac

Anne and Lance Macey (Bonnie and Mac’s housekeepers) Gosport Hants.