I thought I would send in the attached photos of my Scottie Ceilidh. She is five years old and after being contacted by Isla Reid I adopted Ceilidh as a re-home a year ago, not long after I had lost my wonderful Jock (a STECS Scottie rescue).

Ceilidh had been owned by a breeder, and for one reason and another it was decided that she would not be bred from and therefore a new home was sought. Ceilidh had never been house trained and had never lived inside a family home, so there were a few things to sort out and a very new and different life for her to get used to.

My partner Reg and I have been taking her to dog training classes and as you will see from the photos she was presented with the “Golden Paws Award” for High Achievement by the Fife Dog Training class. Saffie and Nikki, who run the classes, recognised that Ceilidh has come a long way since the first days of training and are very pleased with her. Me? Well I am simply overjoyed. Ceilidh? She is lapping up the fame…..!!

She is a wonderful little dog and has a lovely nature. We are still working on one or two behavioural issues, and these will only improve with time and patience. She is still wary and timid when other people are around. She has one of the most high pitched and piercing barks I have heard in a dog, so that will certainly deter any unwelcome visitors!! We love her to bits and are so pleased to have her with us.