Thought it was time I gave you an update on Daisy… she has just been deafening me with her new squeaky toy, bouncing around with it for at least 20 mins like a young dog!

Daisy now only goes for blood sugar-level checkups around once every 2 months. She is still on the same 5 units of insulin twice a day that she started with last September. The vets at Ruddington are very pleased with her – her diabetes is under control, her weight is stable and she seems to be very fit and healthy, enjoying her walks, howling at the postman when the other dogs bark and putting them in their place with a rumble in the jungle if they invade her territory too closely. Liz has told me that her cataracts will get worse with time, but that she can see light. She also said she could last another few years but obviously that is not something we can be sure of. We all know how quickly dogs go down hill when it’s their time to go. All I can say is, she seems very fit and healthy and is a delight to have.

We went on holiday to North Wales with our caravan at Easter and one of the days we took the 3 dogs with us to the Ffrith beach at Prestatyn. Daisy galloped on and off for a good half hour and must have covered at least a mile. She trotted into the sea at one point, just in shallow up- to- the- paws water and stopped, turning round wondering which way to go for dry land and Yoong-Pin was all set to get wet rescuing her but she trundled out and wasn’t deterred from galloping again. By the way, this is an excellent dog beach with tons of sand and promenade that dogs are allowed on. One of the few which aren’t 2nd class citizen ones if you know what I mean. I knew about it as it was one we often frequented when I was a child. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Daisy’s daily routine has to be kept and if we aren’t going to be home for her food and/or injection then she comes with us complete with insulin in a ready- primed syringe, weighed-out food and a small flask of hot water to heat it up a bit. The “Have dog will travel” is part of my day…..and evening where necessary.

It has been said before but “Thank you” for all that STECS is doing for her.

Love Patience and the Gang