Jock Ahoy There!

Hello everybody, my name is Jock and I was adopted by Gijsbert and Antionette in February. It took me a few days to get used to my new home and family but I feel right at home now. Gijsbert and Antionette are both Dutch and moved to the UK a few years ago. At first it was a bit strange because they were talking in a strange language, and I couldn’t understand a word, but now I can bark in both English and Dutch!

Apart from Gijsbert and Antionette, there’s also Major, who is a Clydesdale horse. Major and I are very good friends and we often go out for a ride together.

Holiday Time

When my humans adopted me in February, they had already made plans for a holiday in August. Gijsbert and Antionette were going to visit their home town Noordwijk in Holland and were going to bring Major along so they could ride him on the Dutch beach.

With me joining the family, I was invited to come along as well. The only problem was that I needed a rabies vaccination, and that takes a minimum of 6 months before you’re allowed to travel.

Therefore, I was rushed to the vet the day I arrived at my new home. Ouch! I hate needles!

Six months later I was on my way to Harwich. Major was in his trailer and me on the back seat of the Discovery. We soon arrived in the port and before I knew it I was on board a massive ferry going to the Hook of Holland. I thought that the crossing was going to be fun, and saw myself running on all the decks, but how wrong could I have been! Thanks to the people of Stena Line I had to be locked up in a kennel during the crossing. I never felt so lonely in all my life! Luckily my mummy and daddy picked me up first thing in the morning. I was so happy to see them!

Happy in Holland!

The ferry arrived in Holland and soon we were on our way again. After having breakfast on the back seat, I was allowed to sit on mummy’s lap in the front seat. What a great view, and look at all those foolish people driving on the wrong side of the road! Before I knew it we arrived in Noordwijk, where I spent the next two weeks having so much fun, going on beach rides with Major, rides on mummy’s bicycle, long walks on the beach, and meeting lots of new friends.

On the 9th August I even had my own little birthday party! I had forgotten all about it, but luckily Gijsbert and Antionette had remembered.

That evening I had a very tasty birthday present, a sausage with 5 candles. Yummy!

Those two weeks flew by, and way too soon I boarded the ferry back to Harwich and back into the kennel. This time, I didn’t mind so much. I was so tired from all the exciting things I had done that I was glad to have a bit of peace and quiet, and slept the whole night through.