Thought we would give you an update on Jock.

We have now had Jock for nearly six years. What a difference he has made to our lives. In that time he has travelled to France and many places in the UK. We have travelled around in a touring caravan. Jock has not always liked the caravan as some places there have been loud bangs which he hates.

Have never fathomed why he is so nervous of noise, but we think he is getting a little better at last.

We have tad to give up caravanning now, through age and health problems. So Jock’s travelling days have been curtailed for a while.

Our Jock after six years is at last beginning to show affection, this has been a long time coming, but boy is it appreciated. He will still run off sometimes but at least he now comes back. One thing he still will not do is bark to get our attention. He will stand outside a closed door looking in but will not bark to say “please i am here, let me in”.

Thank you for all the good work you do for Scotties. It is a relief to us to know that if anything happened to us Jock would be looked after.

John and Irene Freeman