Mac and Ross

We adopted Mac and Ross in February this year.

We are both interesting characters. Its taken a few weeks for us all to get to know our new family, but we are all having a great time together now.

At first we didn’t like other dogs, we still at not 100% sure, when we see them, we say ‘hello’ if they don’t came to closely, but we don’t like it when they came close. Our dad says its ok to be a little scared he will help us.

We didn’t like the thing call a lead… but Dads helped us know this is a nice thing, it means we get to see lots of new places, Dad uses a nice sound to say we have gone to far and he needs us to came back…. we get treats to for doing this.

We were a little hot to, so mum had a lady come along to cut our hair, we look very nice now.

Thank you to all the people at STECS in finding Mum and Dad we have a nice home, we are going on holiday soon to can’t wait to see the sea… we like to swim too.


This is us waiting to go to our new home with Mum and Dad, Ross left, Mac right


This is us today on a walk with Mum and Dad, Ross left, Mac right

Wendy and John Golding