Maggie’s Story

My name is Maggie and I was born in Herefordshire on 20th April 2004 and my brother is Ramsey who lived with Thorn (John’s scottie). Ramsey was adopted by STEC in 2006.

My owners after many years of wanting a baby finally found out they were having a baby in 2005 and with the husband to be working long shifts and no family around to help when the baby was born they made the sad decision to keep one of us and reluctantly give the other up for adoption lots of tears as Ramsey was very much loved and still to this day is sadly missed. Times were hard and it was an awful winter and no one could walk the dogs at night it was a tough decision…

Maggie went on to live to the age of 10.5 years old and had a very happy life but sadly was found to have a malignant tumor on her back and was then put to sleep as the tumor spread very quickly. Maggie died last September and we are totally lost without her. We think of Ramsey every day and hope that he has enjoyed his new life with his adoptive family and bought many years of happiness as Maggie had brought us.