Millie Scruffie and Seb

I felt I had to write this letter to bring you up to date on my re-homing of Scruffie, as when I took him on he had a very bad record he was supposed to be very aggressive both to people and other dogs in other words he was a nasty piece of work.

Well, I’m a person that believes in giving any one or any animal a good chance in life, so I took him on and believe me it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. He’s a wonderful old chap with so much love and he’s a wonderful companion to my Westie and she loves him to bits. They do everything together and love to play which isn’t to bad as she’s only just turned 3yrs and he’s coming up to 6yrs. She’s in charge he looks after her and is very protective of her and me.

I took them to my friends in Norwich for two weeks at Christmas and she has a Westie dog and he was great with him and played with out any problems and was generally good all round. I think his aggression to people which he still has a little of is because he feels unsure and threatened and then puts up a front but once he gets to know them then he is there best friend.

The reason for this letter is to express don’t give up on our four legged friends because believe me they are most times more reliable than our two legged ones and don’t demand much out of life from you, just a bit of TLC, meal, exercise and a bed and they give you everything, so just cuddle him.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this letter, I thought it would be nice to be able to write some thing nice and positive, plus I’ve come to love him so much I just had to talk about it!

Regards and thanks

Morry, Scruffie & Millie