Polly & Hannah’s Story

My name is Polly and my step-sister Hannah want to tell you about our journey through STECS. During late 2008 early 2009 mum and dad split up very upsetting it was, we went to live with dad and he lost his job and needed to find a new one in order to keep us in the life style we had become accustomed to. We had heard things about Turkey, but I assumed this was the big juicy bird that we had had a Christmas and we were going to have another one yum yum, no sadly it meant dad was going to a country called Turkey to try and find work.

We were taken to stay with granny and a few days later on 31 March 2009, this lady came to see her, she sat on the floor and made big fusses of me and Hannah shortly after we were put in the back of a car and taken for a car ride having learnt that granny was a little too old to look after us properly dad had arranged for us to go into foster care with STECS.

At the end of our journey we got out of the car and were taken into this house and oh boy what a shock we got we were greeted by 2 rather loud and lively lads a Scottie like ourselves called Shadow and a White Westie guy called Charlie. We had a look round it seemed to be ok, but Hannah and I were taking no chances and stayed together most of the night. I heard this woman say that because I was old which I am, I am 15 now she felt another move may upset me more than I was already and she was quite happy for us to stay here until dad came back for us, which was agreed and Aunty Viv came out to check we were in safe hands here.

During our what should have been 6 weeks stay, Hannah and I decided it wasn’t too bad she very quickly made friends with the other Scottie Shadow who is the same age as her and she learnt to play with toys and him I did feel a little jealous at times, but it was nice to see this wee youngster having fun instead of sitting with an old lady all day, plus it gave me chance to get some quiet shut eye.

On May 31st 2009 we learnt that unfortunately dad was unable to have us back and that we had a new mum and dad having been adopted and we celebrated with new collars, tags visits to the vets where Hannah was spayed and we were microchiped. It was also discovered that I had an underactive thyroid and Cushing’s. We were both a tad overweight, but with regular walkies the weight dropped off.

On 31st March this year we have been with our new mum and dad 2 years and boy has that flown we have 2 step-brothers, who are still loud and lively, we are having a great life, we have been to the seaside several times and ooh the feel of the sand between your pads is lovely and mum and dad have just bought a new caravan for more fun times away (the barbecues are the best bit). Mum says I have come on in leaps and bounds and she never thought I would still be here, mum works from home so adapting to people in and out like trains for me has been a bit hard, but I have learnt that it is fun to have a little scratch behind your ear. Hannah is having the time of her life playing with Charlie and Shadow she has become quite a bossy little madam, but with those 2 lads trust me you have to be. Its dad that I have wrapped round my little finger oh yes I have him well trained now let me tell you bowing to my commands when I want to sit on his knee to watch the telly (I am quite partial to a bit of corrie, but shush don’t tell anyone).

So we thought it was time we said our thanks to STECS for finding us a nice home, a new mum and dad, 2 step-brothers and the time of our lives being loved, hugged and cared for and if I am still around this time next year I may just paw you another note to let you know how we are getting on if not I will get Hannah to let you know, not that I am planning to meet fellow Scotties at Rainbow bridge yet, but at my age one never knows.

Sorry a big thank you to all at STECS, Woofs & Licks to you all.