Poppy (formerly Penny) came to live with us from STECS in May 2011. We believe she’s about 3 years old, but we can’t be sure as she was a street stray.

She’s doing great in her new home and has settled in perfectly with our Scottie/Westie-cross Daisy, often found snuggling up together on the sofa.

She’s started learning how to play with soft-toys now (after watching Daisy) and brings the ball back when thrown (perhaps she can teach Daisy that!), but her favourite times of day are breakfast and tea time.

Poppy loves to mooch around in the New Forest, going to the beach (she’s even started paddling in the sea) and going camping, as that’s just like spending a week at the park.

If she had a school report it would read “Poppy is doing fantastic… daily distracted when outside… but we couldn’t be without her”.