Hello, my name is Rory and I came to live with James and Nicky 2 years ago on Feb 17th. It was all arranged by those lovely humans at STECS.

Since taking over this house in England and the house in France I have had many adventures. I have taught James how and when to feed me (It took a while for him to get my menus right). I have guided him through what amuses me and he obliges by throwing tennis balls for me that I chase, I then sit down next to where the ball landed and James comes over , picks it up (when I let him) and then throws it for me again. He has at last bought a football that I cannot destroy and we chase this all round the park in Nantwich and the football pitches in France. It took a while for Nicky to find me suitable bedding however after gentle prodding, chewing etc I now have a very comfy settee in the UK and a really comfy bed in France.


As I spend some time travelling to and from France so the rear seat of the Honda CRV is kitted out so that I can look out of the window without having to stretch too far from my sleeping position. James knows where I like to stop for the calls of nature and I think he understands that smells in France take twice as long to sniff as English smells due to the translation problems.


Now that everything is to my liking I will stay with James and Nicky because I love them as much as they love me. Thank you STECS.