Hello I have been meaning to send you a recent photo of Taggart who I adopted from you.

He is a real joy to have around and is a real lap dog. He thinks that all people if they have a bag must have a treat for him in it… we have met a lot of friends this way. He really enjoys walks and when he meets other dogs his favourite game is chase me as he runs in big circles and wants them to run with him, he cries if they do not. Although he is possibly 8 or 9 he acts likes a puppy at times. His favourite places are on my lap or on or under my bed sleeping being his favourite pastimes.

Everyone who has come into contact with him from my friends, the postman or workmen love him as he greats them all so willingly. The only person he hates and does attack is the Vet, which luckily he only sees once a year, he loves having a wash and trim as they make a real fuss of him.

Thank you for letting me adopt him he has been a joy to have.

Best wishes to you all.