The Beat Goes On

The Hamish Clegg STECS experience

‘Hello, remember me? I’m Hamish the Scottish Terrier, who lives with Jim and Jean Clegg, Lucy the Westie and Bonnie the adopted Scottie. Getting on ‘parade’ with Lucy.

So what‘s happened since the last newsletter, another Scottish holiday, Christmas and a few disappointing calls on the rescue front. Don‘t get me wrong, the Scotties were all re-homed and taken care of, but no visitors and worse still no female company. Two young girls passed in the night but since September things have been very quiet, almost boring for an all singing, all dancing Scottie, like me. Apparently a rescue team rescued 6 females and a male Scottie from Wales, but not one came my way. An old boy from Sussex was re-homed through another rescue organisation but once again no contact, just Jim speaking into what looks like a plastic toy, that rings a lot, goes everywhere with him (including the small room with the porcelain seat) and keeps waking me up. Jim did disappear for a day to rescue Hamish 4 but once again no new arrival, no sport and no extra female company for me. All these rescues appear to involve Scotties called Hamish; that worries me, is some one trying to tell me something?

The girls, Lucy and Bonnie now wish to say a few words: apparently I’m a male chauvinist Scottie and in need of some female advice and discipline!

– Hamish

“I’m Lucy the Westie, 6 months older than Hamish and yes, he is too big for his paws! I organise the two Scotties, as you will see from the photograph and with the help of Bonnie keep Hamish in check. Hamish is like most male Scotties, lazy, single minded and thinks he is a Babe‘ magnet. Where do these men get their ideas from? I‘m the ‘mother‘ of the family and keep Hamish on track, whilst helping Bonnie to over-come her fears and uncertainty. Bonnie has settled in to the Clegg way of life, sleeping during the day, but ready to go Dalmatian hunting whenever called upon. Life is good and I wouldn‘t change it for anything, unless it was a very large bone! I‘ll be writing more about our ad-ventures in the future and try and keep Hamish‘s paws away from the keyboard. Lucy

“Hello! I’m Bonnie the second Scottie and must thank STECS for my new life with the Clegg clan.Well what can I tell you? Lucy is my friend and companion who has taught me the Clegg routine and Hamish is a typical laid back, lazy but lovable Scottie. Girls don’t like boys all the time!I‘m very shy at times but as my memory fades with time, I‘m be-ginning to enjoy my life with the Cleggs. At times, like Hamish, I enjoy my own company but there appears to be more and more reasons to come out from my hiding places, particularly when the others have so much fun with the Dalmatians! Like Lucy I also intend to have my say in these stories Hamish writes. Whenever he takes his artistic inspiration breaks, (he goes to bed) I will comman-deer the keyboard and keep you fully up to date with all the news and gossip Hamish misses.