The Kennerley Railway Clan

In October 2009 a small, very pretty Scottie named Tia came into our lives.

Tia had been rescued along with five other Scotties from a farm in South Wales by re homer Jennifer Rowlands.

Although Tia was only 7 months old it was soon discovered that as well as deformed front legs and paws, she needed urgent heart surgery to save her life. Thanks to STECS this vital procedure was given the go ahead by the trustees and Tia was successfully operated on.

We had Bob and Prince when Tia arrived, and it was Bob who taught her to Arrrrooo! She loved Bob and followed him everywhere. Prince was a blind diabetic whom she would try to ambush in doorways if we didn’t stop her in time.  Prince’s patience worn thin one day and he managed to ‘make contact’ with Tia one day and there were no more ambushes after that!!

After Bobby and Prince passed on, we adopted old Jack.

He was the ultimate Scottie gentleman and Tia fully welcomed

 She and Jack would come with us to the Churnnet Valley Railway where David and I volunteered cleaning the heritage carriages. They would settle down and wait for us on a huge vet bed in the Guards van.

Tia and Jack accompanied us on many steam railways, and we compiled a large collection of photos entitled Jack and Tia’s railway adventures.

After Jack went to Rainbow Bridge we adopted the late Sandra Weir’s dog Alf, who came with a reputation as a biter, but he and Tia got along famously from the start. He was always relaxed in Tia’s company and never attempted to bite in the years we had him.

Now we have young Dillon who Tia also helped to adjust to our way of life. He was terrified of being bathed so we popped Tia in the bath alongside him and he immediately relaxed, accepting that he was going to smell to whole lot better. Dillon looked to Tia for reassurance in any situation he was uncertain of and so our wonderful Tia continued her steadying influence on the next generation.

We have had many Scotties over the years, all of them different in their own way. Tia remained nervous of people and dogs throughout her life but had a very sweet nature. She welcomed all dogs coming into our home. We were devastated to lose Tia in 2022 when at 13 years and 8 months she crossed Rainbow Bridge to be with Bob, Prince and Jack. Alf and young Dillon will, like us, miss her dearly. Rest in peace darling Tia x

David and Linda Kennerley

The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS)

Registered charity numbers 275666 / SC041298