Tobermory and Isla

I have owned 2 dog Scotties and have lost both of them to Hepatic Lymphoma. Talisker, my first Scottie was 8 when diagnosed and we tried chemotherapy.

He had 6 months but unfortunately developed chemo induced pancreatitis and sadly had to put to sleep. 10 years later Tobermory was diagnosed with the same condition at 9.5 years.

He hated the vets and was a big wimp so I decided not to treat and he had steroid therapy. He had 3 happy weeks before he lost his fight this month. Both were very special in their own way and missed terribly.

The vet informed me that Scotties have a tendency to this disease and I wondered if any other Scottie owners have experienced this?

I hope my Scottie bitch, Isla  does not develop it. I will always own a Scottie as they are very special.