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STECS does not sell the dogs which come into their care. However to offset the cost of rescue, there is a minimum donation for all dogs under the age of 10 and the minimum donation is dependent on their age and health. A voluntary donation in excess of the minimum donation would be very much appreciated.


Membership of STECS

All persons adopting a dog must be paid up members of the charity. The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December and the current subscription rates are £10 per annum for single membership and £13 per annum for joint membership. A membership application form can be found on our website www.stecs.net


Conditions of Adoption

If you adopt a Scottish Terrier (or other breed of dog) from STECS you will be asked to sign an Adoption Contract that recommends you to insure your dog against veterinary bills and third-party liability. STECS is not financially responsible for dogs after they have been adopted. You will also agree not to part with your Scottie (other than temporarily for holidays), nor make a change of ownership of your adopted dog without first consulting STECS.  If a situation should arise whereby you can no longer care for your adopted dog, you must immediately notify STECS who will take the dog back into their care.

An example of our adoption contract can be found at www.stecs.net or if necessary, you can request a hard copy from the welfare co-ordinator for your area.


Data Protection and sharing of your data

We only collect and use your personal data to carry out our charitable business. If you should be successful in adopting a dog we will share your name, address and telephone number with (1) our pet insurance partner who will provide you with an initial five-week period of free insurance cover; and (2) our pet food sponsor who will offer you a trial of their premium food tailored to your dog’s specific needs. By signing the form overleaf, you consent to being contacted by these two organisations. We will not exchange or sell your information to any other organisation.

If you advise us that you no longer wish to adopt a dog, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection legislation, we will delete all records of your application.


Home Check

STECS will require a home check to be completed before we consider any adoption. Some things we specifically look for:

  • Unsecured water features and streams – Scotties do not swim well and can easily drown.
  • Boundary security and unrestricted access to roads.
  • Front doors that open directly on to busy roads.
  • Access to exercise and toilet areas.