3 March 2014

Poppet, a bright future

Rob McLeod, a Welfare Co-ordinator from the South of England writes about Poppet, a poor wee lass in poor health, but with a bright future writes:

“Poppet, a 7 year old Scottie bitch, came to SETCS’ attention after an Animal Welfare Officer from Lambeth Borough Council contacted Nick to see if we could help. Poppet’s owner had been evicted from her flat and as she was unable to take her pets with her, Animal Welfare took her 3 cats and Poppet into care. However not until Poppet’s coat was removed did the officer see that she was in a very poor state of health with mange. At the kennels a vet also found she had Cushings. Poppet was given daily Aludex washes and was put on a course of antibiotics for infected skin lesions and also Vetoryl for the Cushings. After a few days of treatment by the Welfare Officer Poppet seemed to have improved and STECS agreed to rehome to a lady on Jim Clegg’s list in Hampshire. Jane and I collected Poppet from the Council’s kennels in Brixton where the Council have 6 kennels in an old warehouse normally housing strays (mainly Staffies and even Pit Bull Terriers). The Welfare Officer was delighted that we had taken Poppet otherwise the future would not have been bright for her. Attached is a picture of Poppet just before we handed her to Jim – a very sweet little Scottie who deserves better”.

I know that the story doesn’t end there as Jim has found out!
Jim took Poppet to her new home – lady experienced with Scotties who had bee made aware of her condition, but notwithstanding was prepared to take her on. It was love at first sight and Jim left feeling confident that all would be well. And so it was, apart from a mercy dash to the new owner in the night when what turned out to be a severe ear infection was causing her new owner worry. All sorted, though and Poppet seems well set up for a much better life.

Updated photo of Poppet from her new owner, March 2014

Poppet 09.03.20140001
Poppet 10001 Poppet 20001


Update 14 June 2014 by Jim Clegg

Below is a photo of the bladder stones removed from Poppet on Tuesday. I have spoken to Mrs. Pinhorne today and Poppet is recovering well.

Poppet Stones!0002

Poppet seems to be able to fight off anything that comes her way!

A good job do once again by all those involved.