Archie Clegg

Archie Clegg Age 7¾ months: A Scottish Terrier, born in Wales, living in England

I’m a new boy, not a STECS dog but with owners I brought and paid for, who are STECS member. They are re-homers, whatever that means, so I have joined the STECS clan via the back door. Apparently I follow a line of computer trained, story writing Scottie dogs, Hamish and Mac, which the Clegg’s keep referring to as dogs they have lost! How can you lose two Scotties? Now this has sounded the alarm bells with me, so I have made sure I have been chipped and I wear my collar all the time in case they forget who I am!

Life so Far
I left Wales in April and ended up on a driveway of a bungalow in England, with had a blue plastic, yes plastic, dog’s house on the driveway, beside the front door. Well I was in shock, I’d left a nice detached house by the sea and my new home was plastic. A young lad offered to show me around, it was fun but no, it was to be the bungalow for me, soft chairs to grow into, beds to mess up and carpets to use, after all I was only 9 weeks old!

For the first few weeks I kept the Housekeeper and Butler/Driver busy, toilet training, eating and making sure they learnt the ropes, caring for me. I gained access to the computer, trained Lucy the Westie and Bonnie the rescue Scottie and made sure my way was the only way. Within weeks I had a Twitter Account @ArchieClegg, a girlfriend called Tia and loads of Scottie friends. Anyone can follow my adventures on Twitter, my tweets or in my case ‘barks’, include the Clegg’s behaviour, their attempts at training and much more.


Talking of training, the Clegg’s have a battle on their hands. Jean apparently chose me for my looks, (see the photo’s), my boisterous nature and my eyes. Jim does what he is told, like most Scottie owners, and appears to be a real soft touch or even ‘touched’, if you saw his performance at the Super Saturday garden party! Apparently Jean wanted me to be a fully trained companion for Jim in the future. Well, Jim’s training is going very well and he should develop into an obedient, fully grown old boy, one day.


I’ve been to Scotland twice, all three Scottie Garden parties and so far my new owner training plan is running very smoothly. I have some lessons from Cath Marchbank’s Scotties, Isla’s clan and a few visiting Scotties. I even had a lesson from the original Liverpool bad boy, Mr. Beau who lives in Scotland. Does Mr Beau wear a skirt to keep the Scottish winds away or has he something else to hide? He’s written his life story on the STECS web site but sadly I find it difficult to ‘look up’ to any male Scottie, who wears a skirt. There must be something in the water up there?


Well, what next you may ask, I might be off to Scotland again for the winter and apparently I am going to have a ‘one to one’ with a ‘personal dog’ trainer. I understand that Mr. Beau has had training lessons and if that means I have to wear a ‘skirt’, the Trainer may have a few problems coming her way. Did I tell you I have lovely teeth!!


See you soon.