Barley Johnstone

Barley is ten years old, we collected her from Cath four years ago. She was very depressed at the time, as she had just had six puppies.

We welcomed her into our home with open arms. We were already looking after another Scottie at the time called Loki. Loki helped Barley recover and settle into her new home. They became firm friends and chased each other all over the house and went on many a squirrel hunt down in the woods.

Loki is also a very handsome chap. He came from South Africa. We looked after him while his family were relocating to York. He now lives with them in Wales. Barley and Loki still see each other though.

Barley is now a very confident lady, and we love her dearly.


The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS)

Registered charity numbers 275666 / SC041298