Kyle Kimberley-Scott

27th April 2012

My new name is Kyle and I am a 7 year old rescued Scottish Terrier.

This is me the day after I was rescued.

My new name and my new lifestyle were given to me just before Christmas last year. Boy o boy – what a wonderful pair of presents.

For 7 years I virtually did as I pleased and (from all accounts) roamed freely amongst the fields and villages somewhere in Ireland.

For whatever reason, my previous owners put me up for adoption via S.T.E.C.S.

The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme is such a mouthful so I prefer to

call it ‘family’ instead. It must be a very big family because it took so many of them to move me to North Lincolnshire.

First of all there was Karen 1 who made all the original arrangements, then Karen 2 who sailed over from Ireland to Anglesey. Then Auntie Penny who collected me from the Ferry, provided bed and breakfast and then handed me over to David who drove me to Cath’s and it was Cath who then transported me across country to where I live now.

I really love my new life. I am not spoiled but treated very fairly, just like a Scottie should be. I have 4 different beds but my favourite (unofficial) bed is on the sofa with Marion after we’ve all had our evening meal.

Roger is my fitness trainer and even after 7 years he’s still able to teach me a thing or two about how to behave. He also takes me for my long walks in between my field romps with Marion.

This is me 4 months later – what do you think?

Thank you STECS for everything

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