7 April 2014

Wee Jock

Deep eyes set back, with brows so black, I’m 8 inches tall, but sharp as a tack.

3 March 2014


Who in his or her right mind would adopt a dog known to be a problem? We did.

2 March 2014

Archie Clegg

A Scottish Terrier, born in Wales, living in England.

24 February 2014

Molly & Tilly

Molly & Tilly have very quickly made themselves part of the family as you can see from the photos.

19 February 2014


My name is Bess, I am 6 year old Scottie, born on the 18th July 2007 in Skegby, Nottinghamshire.

18 February 2014


Hello, my name is Rory and I came to live with James and Nicky 2 years ago.

11 November 2013


He is a wonderful little dog, very busy but loved by all of our extended family.

11 November 2013


Poppy came to live with us from STECS in May 2011. We believe she’s about 3 years old, but we can’t be sure as she was a street stray.

11 November 2013

Molly and Tess

We recently adopted our new scottie after sadly losing our much loved and much missed Buckley who we acquired last year with his sister Tess.

11 November 2013


We have now had Jock for nearly six years. What a difference he has made to our lives. In that time he has travelled to France and many places in the UK.

11 November 2013


Thought it was time I gave you an update on Daisy… she has just been deafening me with her new squeaky toy, bouncing around with it for at least 20 mins like a young dog!

11 November 2013

Kyle Kimberley-Scott

My new name is Kyle and I am a 7 year old rescued Scottish Terrier.

9 November 2013

A new dog on the Patch

A male Scottie aged 10¾, minus a few bits, all my own teeth, overweight, grumpy, single minded and with lots of attitude.

9 November 2013

Polly & Hannah’s Story

My name is Polly and my step-sister Hannah want to tell you about our journey through STECS.

9 November 2013

The Beat Goes On

I’m Hamish the Scottish Terrier, who lives with Jim and Jean Clegg, Lucy the Westie and Bonnie the adopted Scottie. Getting on ‘parade’ with Lucy.

9 November 2013

Jock Ahoy There!

Hello everybody, my name is Jock and I was adopted by Gijsbert and Antionette in February.

9 November 2013

The Hamish Clegg STECS experience

You may remember me, my name is Henleygrove Hamish Davar and I am a black Scottish terrier, born on the 14th April 2003. I live with Jim and Jean Clegg, Lucy the Westie and Bonnie the adopted Scottie. Call me Hamish and this is my continuing story of life on the rescue front. Hamish 3 […]

9 November 2013


Just a few lines to tell you about Duncan who came to us in October 2000. He is now 9 years old and still as daft as ever.